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Those Who Sow in Snow #1 on Adlibris

Last week, Those Who Sow in Snow soared to #1 on online retailer Adlibris’s bestseller list, after an incredibly enthusiastic review in the literary segment of the tv show Go’kväll. Here’s what critic Titti Schulz had to say:

“A gorgeous story. /…/ People and encounters are intertwined in a remarkable way. /…/ In one way it’s a serious and dark tale, but a large portion of the book is told in what is not written. Not necessarily in a way that means you have to read between the lines, but rather as if the silence is allowed to speak. And I find that so incredibly beautiful that I sometimes have to pause to let the text sink in /…/ And then there’s so much humor, and an ingenuity and little twists. /…/ I am truly drawn into this storytelling. /…/ Simply wonderful!”


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