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Vow of Silence Reviewed in Skånska Dagbladet

Vow of Silence by Mattias Edvardsson has received a fantastic review from Skånska Dagbladet:

“Mattias Edvardsson continues to successfully explore the family as a construction in the suspense novel Vow of Silence, the fourth book in the Lund suite. […] As in his previous books, Mattias Edvardsson dwells on the secrets of the nuclear family, the nooks and crannies, how far you really will go for the sake of your loved ones. The family is supposed to be a safe space where we can be ourselves, love and take care of each other. And he does it so well. Mattias Edvardsson has really found his niche in the genre. It is creepingly scary, psychologically bulletproof, and emotionally true. The plot is simpel and conventional, but effectively divided into a before and after the murder, which keeps the readers on constant tenterhooks wanting to find out more.”

Vow of Silence was published in Sweden by Forum on May 2th.


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