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We Know You Remember in Rave German Review

Tove Alsterdal’s We Know You Remember, the first installment of her High Coast Series, has received a rave review from German Krimi Couch:

We Know You Remember is not a thriller that lives off shocking scenes or action. Here, the characters and their surroundings set the tone. Above all Eira. In her, Alsterdal has created a character that has a lot of human depth.[…] The author skillfully concretizes the family situation and simultaneously manages to highlight the difficulties of the younger generation in this part of Sweden. […] Tove Alsterdal introduces the Eira Sjödin-triology with this subdued Nordic Noir, where she puts emphasis on the characters and their social environment. […] It creates an atmosphere where you become very curious of how Eira is going to move forward.”

We Know You Remember was published in Germany on July 19th by Rowohlt.


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