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Will You Care if I Die? in Rave Review from Expressen

Nicolas Lunabba’s bestselling memoir Will You Care if I Die? has received a rave review from Swedish newspaper Expressen. Here is an excerpt:

“… Nicolas Lunabba is not what contemporary right-wing Swedes have come to label as goodness addict or goodness apostle. He describes his choice not so much as a selfless act to save a young person as a selfish attempt to save himself. Nicolas Lunabba isn’t even sure he wants this. With his human needs, Elijah disturbs him in his own life and habits and of course Nicolas is aware of how shady it looks: why would a grown man offer a teenager to move in with him? /…/ Nicolas Lunabba has a language that never tries to be sensationalist and his reflections flow between references from Dead Prez to Vilhelm Moberg and Kristian Lundberg. /…/ Nicolas Lunabba has so much to tell. He has to continue.”

Will You Care if I Die? was published in Sweden by Natur & Kultur on August 19th.

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