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Will You Care if I Die? Lauded in Finnish Newspaper

Nicolas Lunabba‘s blazingly topical memoir Will You Care if I Die? has been lauded in a review from Finnish daily newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet:

“At times, Lunabba cultivates a burning political indignation, which stems from what he sees around him, working in Malmö’s poorest and most violent areas. His opinions are never left hanging in an abstract way, they are always related to concrete events or memories. He alternates his reflections, analyzes and expressions of emotion with depictions of scenes and snapshots, and thus creates – through uncomplicated, straightforward language – a varied and vivid whole. And some chapters are extremely moving. /…/ Despite the suffering, and despite all the understandable anger and indignation, this ultimately becomes an exceedingly beautiful story rooted in the classic Swedish working-class literature. And the key-words, both socially and humanly, are commitment and solidarity.”

Will You Care if I Die? was published in Sweden by Natur & Kultur on August 19th.

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