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Will You Care if I Die? Praised by The Guardian

The UK edition of Will You Care if I Die? has been praised in a rave pre-pub review from The Guardian:

“Campaigner Nicolas Lunabba writes movingly about his troubled childhood and difficult work in a book addressed to an unruly teen who changed his life. […] Elegantly translated by Henning Koch, the prose juggles twisted humour, poetry, love and polemic in an aching, challenging journey. Lunabba anatomises what happens when a guarded heart surrenders and when someone always told they were worthless is redefined as precious by even one person.[…] Will You Care if I Die? is as uncompromising as that question suggests. It’s an honourable book that aims full tilt for truth and confronts despair, cruelty, waste, rage and pain with a kind of contagious defiance. Being alive to write at all, it seems to say, is already a kind of beachhead into your future, a victory. We live in hard times and our own type of a hard country, but Lunabba has created a new good companion, sadly applicable across cultures. Here is a new pattern for salvation to fit in any pocket, here a remarkable exploration of revolutionary love.”

Will You Care if I Die? will be published in the UK by Picador on February 22nd.


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