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The Annie Ljung Series

In the deep woods where witches were once burned, on the shores of the rushing river that has accepted human offerings for centuries, folklore endures – and women who don’t conform still live dangerously.

Annie Ljung has reluctantly moved back north to the sleepy village of Lockne. A place she once left behind after a traumatic event in her youth. A scar on her neck reminds Annie of what made her leave all those years ago, but despite all this she has returned to care for her sick mother. While there, she can’t shake the feeling that people in town are whispering behind her back. She runs into her high-school sweetheart and her teenage best friend, who both stir up long-buried emotions. A social worker by profession, Annie takes a job at the social service office in town. She has an ability to make people open up to her and through her job she gets insight into local police investigations. In the first book, Heart of Prey, Annie’s 17-year-old cousin goes missing and a police investigation ensues. Annie takes it upon herself to find out more, and soon understands that the answers they are seeking are much more sinister than anyone suspected.

In the second installment in the Annie Ljung series, The Unburied, Annie teams up with local police officer Sara Emilsson to get to the truth of what happened when two teenage girls were found dead by a mythical lake on the morning of their communion. Another girl’s life hovers between life and death in the hospital, and the small community is shocked. One of the prime suspects is a troubled teenage boy who Annie has come in contact with through her job. In order to clear his name she tries to get to the root of what happened that night at the lake, a truth that will have personal consequences.

The books in the Annie Ljung series are inspired by historical murder cases and are set in an area of Sweden where witches were burned in the 1600s. In the broken yet bold social worker Annie Ljung, new Scandinavian crime star Ulrika Rolfsdotter has created a fresh new heroine who approaches police work from an unexpected angle.

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