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Catrin Ormestad (1975) is a journalist and author born in the Swedish town of Gävle, but now resides in Tel Aviv with her partner and their cats. Her family has a summer house on the island of Gräsö, where she likes to spend her time when she is in Sweden.

Ormestad started her career as a journalist at Upsala Nya Tidning, later continuing on writing for large newspapers, including The Economist and Svenska Dagbladet amongst else. In 2016, Ormestad made her literary debut with The Ninth Letter. When the Wolf Came is her second literary novel and it was published in March 2024 by Bazar.

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“Catrin Ormestad’s novel When the Wolf Came does not only allow a wolf to swim ashore on Wiggö – the entire contemporary war on culture is unleashed on the island, with Tillman and Magdalena as the leading parties of the conflict. Black and white meet, but they are watercolors, mixed in the ocean’s water, and it is with shades just as grey as the cliffs of the archipelago that Catrin Ormestad paints their lives, with an understanding for both worldviews. […] When the Wolf Came is a novel for this head-fast era of assurance, which encourages listening to one’s fellow humans’ arguments instead of declaring them idiots.”
Gefle Dagblad (SE)

“Here, a drama unfolds where social control can be fatal, especially for those seeking sustainable change. Catrin Ormestad is a driven writer with a feel for and knowledge about nature and the vulnerable island life.”

“We get to go on an incredible journey. [Catrin Ormestad] succeeds in writing a book that is topical about the climate and biodiversity […] and there are love stories and fragile family ties.”
Go’kväll (SE)

“Catrin Ormestad writes with nuance about the conflict between city and countryside in the highly topical book When the Wolf Came. […] the novel grows with its characters, they receive life, background and motive to their actions, and the author truly illustrates the problems of the outskirts — a little twisted, but still. She also depicts the friendship between Tillman and Ben in a balanced way. Both people and nature are portrayed with empathy and understanding.”
Upsala Nya Tidning (SE)


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Photo by Stefan Tell © Stefan Tell
Photo by Stefan Tell © Stefan Tell
Photo by Stefan Tell © Stefan Tell

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