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Inti Chavez Perez (1984) is a writer and sex educator from Gothenburg, Sweden. He left a career as a journalist to focus full-time on issues concerning equality, sex, and sexuality. He has an education in andrology and while working for The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education, he has travelled the nation to teach sex education to teenagers in schools. He also holds lectures for midwives, teachers and government officials.

Chavez Perez has been appointed by the Swedish Government as an expert on matters regarding the sexual violence of boys, hbtq issues, honor violence, and more, as well as serving as a member of their advisory council for The Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society.

He has previously written a book about sex and sexuality in simple Swedish, and a guide to sex and relationships for teenagers who come to Sweden as immigrants. Respect – Everything A Guy Needs to Know About Sex, Love, and Consent was first published in 2010. It was lauded nationwide and was awarded Slangbellan, The Swedish Writer’s Union’s award for Best Young Adult Book. An updated edition of the book was published in May 2018 and it has been translated into nineteen languages.

Photo of Inti Chavez Perez by Anna Svanberg


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Photo of Inti Chavez Perez by Anna Svanberg Photo by Anna Svanberg
Photo by Anna Svanberg

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