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New Book: When the Wolf Came

Catrin Ormestad’s new novel, When the Wolf Came, is out today!

Life on the island had been peaceful for the past thirty years. Unlike many of his peers and much to the disappointment of his father Samuel, Tillman Ruff had resisted the allure of venturing beyond the island of Wiggö. However, one October day, Tillman’s seemingly uneventful existence takes a tumultuous turn when he shoots a wolf, setting a series of events in motion that threaten to disrupt the tranquil life on the serene island.

In When the Wolf Came, Catrin Ormestad masterfully unveils a gripping tale, set against the vibrant backdrop of the Swedish archipelago. When the Wolf Came is not a story about a mere crime; it also delves deep into the intricate complexity of relationships, how they are forged and tested. And how disturbingly close evil is to love.

When the Wolf Came is published by Bazar today, March 25th, 2024.

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