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The Way We Played Praised by BTJ

Ninni Schulman‘s latest crime novel The Way We Played has received a fantastic review from BTJ:

“Over the past decade, Ninni Schulman has published numerous crime novels set in a police environment. Many readers have surely followed her characters with increasing suspense. And she is truly skilled with her pen! In her latest novel, The Way We Played, she takes us to Dalarna in the 1980s. A time when calls were made from phone booths using coins, and where you sat in car seats made of scorching hot vinyl. A young boy disappears without a trace. One year later a police officer who has been in prison for shooting at a wife-beater, takes on the case more or less by chance. As the investigation delves deeper, the seemingly idyllic façade of Dalarna begins to crack, without ever becoming overdramatic or implausible. Schulman takes her time portraying both teenagers and adults as thinking, sentient people. Slowly she gives her characters both flesh and spirit, and as a reader I find it increasingly difficult to put the book down. Her ability to get under the skin of young teenagers who are in a state of emotional turmoil is noteworthy. Schulman cares about her characters and as a reader I also begin to feel compassion for them. A good grade for a crime novel.”

The Way We Played was published by Bazar on January 10th.

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